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It’s Time for Technology-Enabled Process Optimization

As we observe contact handling in centers of all sizes, shapes and locations, we hear the frustration with all the disconnected and manual tasks – during the contact or wrap-up, and when work flows from the center to other parts of the organization. Few have made progress integrating desktop applications, automating processes, or tracking work… Read More »

Four Reasons to Launch Contact Center Process Improvement

In reviewing Contact Babel’s recent US Contact Center Decision Maker’s Guide (4th Edition – 2010/11), I noticed several interesting findings about contact center business processes: 56% use agents (not technology) to authenticate callers 60% access 3 or more applications with each call 70% require agents to log into all applications separately 60% launch back office… Read More »

Take Charge of Call Center Process Optimization

In the people, process, and technology triumvirate of customer service operations, it’s all too rare to find someone who’s in charge of call center process optimization. Yet a process specialist can have a big impact on both the customer experience and call center performance. Process analysts work closely with front-line personnel, reporting and analytics analysts, quality monitoring and… Read More »

Best Practices for Call Center Business Process Optimization

Whenever someone mentions process optimization, I always think of Henry Ford and the Model T. Old man Ford figured out that a “well-oiled” assembly line produced superior cars at substantially lower costs than custom-built automobiles. It was a win-win scenario for the company and the customer. The contact center can be a great place to… Read More »