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Does Your Contact Center Support Smartphones?

If you talk about omnichannel or optimizing customer experiences, you have to talk about the role of the smartphone. It is becoming THE ubiquitous and predominant tool for both self-service and assisted service. Don’t believe me? Then let me share just a few of the hard facts about them. Pew Research Center says 77% of… Read More »

Is Mobile the Next Great Thing?

While I try not to be sensitive, I cringe whenever folks regale me with their latest miserable customer service experiences. Studies show that customer satisfaction measurements lag far behind internal view measured through quality monitoring scores. Where are the “Wow!” experiences we all seek? A good mobile app, integrated with the contact center, can achieve… Read More »

Mobile and the Contact Center: The Game is Changing

We recently got rid of our landline, and I bet many of you have already done the same, or will soon. We live by the smartphone. It’s our “go to” directory, information, web, and application source. We use it to self serve or seek assisted service with companies big and small. Whether we make contact… Read More »

Contact Centers Are Going Mobile

According to the CTIA, there are well over 300 million wireless subscribers in the United States alone. Society as we know it has gone mobile. And where society goes, the contact center is sure to follow. Banks, airlines, credit card companies, and retailers are just a few of the places where mobile applications are becoming… Read More »