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You Need an Analyst – Now More than Ever

Strategic Contact conducts many assessment and roadmap projects each year. Support functions represent one element that we evaluate according to the following model: We assess whether the center addresses each function and, if so, by whom and how well. Almost without exception, we uncover gaps that lead to recommendations to fulfill these essential roles. In… Read More »

Technology Needs Committed Users

Our assessment and planning projects often carry the recommendation to build out the team of support resources – e.g., business analysts to address forecasting and scheduling, perform analysis to drives actions, and manage knowledge and process automation. Committed resources for quality assurance and training can be a common gap that grows more evident as the… Read More »

The Secrets to Technology Success

Too often, the pursuit of technology is driven by speed and constrained by resources. Experience shows this to be a bad combination.Technology success demands careful implementation planning as well as effective technology monitoring and support. Implementation and Testing Getting implementation right takes time, well-structured plans, and commitment from the contact center, IT, vendors and/or their partners…. Read More »

HELP WANTED… to deliver contact center technology value

Maxed out. That’s how we find many contact center leaders and their IT counterparts. Too much to do, not enough time to do it, and the urgent always trumping the important. Sound familiar? Most centers find ways to attend to their technologies’ daily demands, some of which are routine (e.g., run reports, build schedules) and… Read More »

Contact Center Technology Monitoring

We all use tools to monitor important elements of our personal world in ways that we never did before: GPS and text messaging on the kids’ phones, home security systems with remote notification and control, apps to follow activity with your favorite sports teams or stocks, and updates about your flights or financial accounts. Now… Read More »

Contact Center Technology: Beyond the “Bells and Whistles”

Contact centers can’t function without technology. They rely on a sophisticated collection of tools to enable the operational strategy that achieves business goals and meets customer needs. And given the wide spectrum of tools and sourcing options, it’s no surprise that lots of folks write about it. There’s a lot to say! But there’s a… Read More »

5 Essentials for Effective Contact Center Technology Support

There’s no doubt about it. Contact center technology has gotten much more sophisticated. It offers a whole gamut of features and functions that we wouldn’t have thought possible years ago. But it’s also more difficult to create the same degree of stability and reliability that we used to enjoy with the old telecom systems. Here… Read More »