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Work From Home: Today and Tomorrow

Work From Home (WFH) programs have moved from the sidelines to center stage in most contact centers, courtesy of COVID-19. Thousands of agents worldwide scrambled to set up home offices all the while addressing higher call volumes, longer handle times, and a myriad of changes related to their physical separation from teammates, coaches, and leaders…. Read More »

New Technology Simplifies Remote Access

Contact centers need a flexible and secure infrastructure to support remote access to support home agents, “on the go” leaders, outsourcers, business continuity, and branches and retail outlets. Fortunately, enhancements in core technology and network connectivity, along with the proliferation of cloud systems, create a simplified approach to remote access to contact center systems. For… Read More »

Contact Center Technology for Home Agents

Contact centers have been intrigued by the promise of home agents for years. Technical and economic hurdles have prevented many centers from giving the remote workforce option serious consideration. VoIP-based technology offerings help get centers over the technical hurdles. But you need to consider the enabling technology carefully to ensure that you get acceptable voice… Read More »