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Does Your Technology Help (or Hinder) Agent Engagement?

I’ve challenged contact centers to make 2020 the Year of the Agent. I’ve built my case around the argument that if you want to deliver a great customer experience, you first have to make sure you’re delivering a great agent experience. In the spirit of action, I’ve outlined two different assignments for you to assess… Read More »

Changes in the Contact Center and IT Call for a New Approach to Technology

Contact centers have matured in their operational requirements and sophistication, as evidenced on a few fronts. Siloed multichannel, multimedia offerings are giving way to the quest for seamless, integrated, omnichannel service delivery. Managers join folks on the front-line in the quest for better desktop applications and knowledge sources. Managers are placing increased emphasis on performance… Read More »

Why our Team Took an Improv Class – and You Should Too!

I instilled fear in my team when I scheduled an “Improv” session at our recent annual meeting. I’m sure they had visions of being “onstage” and having to come up with something incredibly clever and funny. In reality, everyone left feeling like it was one of the best “team-building” exercises they’d ever experienced. Let me… Read More »