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Measuring Contact Center Effectiveness

Contact centers must rise to the challenge of attaining efficiency and effectiveness. Traditional metrics support the drive for efficiency by measuring average handle time, labor cost, staffing, cost per contact, occupancy, and the like. Effectiveness presents more of a challenge. It demands a careful analysis of data drawn from enterprise applications (e.g., CRM, CIS, ERP,… Read More »

How to Get the Most Out of Speech Analytics

Speech analytics has garnered a tremendous amount of attention over the past few years. Among the top benefits cited: Accurate information on why people call Highlight areas of focus for operational efficiency gains Insights on the drivers of customer retention or defection Improved agent training and associated performance Tangible feedback for product and service enhancements… Read More »

The State of Speech Analytics

Analytics, specifically speech analytics, has generated a great deal of excitement for over 10 years. The industry’s enthusiasm lies in the potential value that can be garnered from the countless customer conversations occurring each day. In a quick sampling of clients who were early adopters of speech analytics and others who are in hot pursuit,… Read More »

Contact Centers Need Consolidated Reporting, Scorecards and Analytics

Deliver great service and drive revenue. Provide personalized, effective interaction regardless of media. Assess what’s working and what’s not. Drive change to make things better. Contact center managers can’t meet those expectations without data from multiple sources to allow timely cross-application and cross-channel views of performance. And they need tools to enable trend and root… Read More »

Get Insights, Take Action

If you’re a contact center manager, you live between a rock and a hard place. Your leadership wants you to deliver great service while augmenting revenue and lowering costs. Your customers expect a personalized, effective interaction regardless of media. Amidst the usual fare of operational challenges, you try to squeeze in some time to review… Read More »

Put the Right Contact Center Analytics Tools in your Toolkit

Contact center managers need analytical tools beyond the typical contact center reports. But there are so many choices! Performance Optimization/Workforce Optimization suite vendors (e.g., Verint, Nice, Aspect, Envision, and others) that offer speech analytics, usually some level of data analytics (including scorecards and dashboards), and (perhaps) desktop analytics Speech analytics vendors (e.g., Utopy, Callminer, Nexidia)… Read More »

Turn Contact Center Data Into Insights

Contact centers have never lacked for data. With increased pressure for efficiency, optimization and profitability throughout the organization, centers need to use that data in smart ways – not just for reporting, but for truly analyzing activity historically and in real-time, where possible. Whether packaging data into user-friendly interfaces, drilling down into reports to learn… Read More »