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It’s Time to Clean Up Your Data

Contact centers are awash in data. But let’s break this big bucket of data into two chunks: one about customers, and a second one about their interactions and how they are handled. In order to serve customers, centers need good, complete, up-to-date data about them. While names, addresses, contact information are starting points for a… Read More »

One Number, NOT One Question

I wrote a blog on Net Promoter Score (NPS) last year and continue to get into discussions about it with clients and colleagues. Martha Brooke of Interaction Metrics is a great dialog partner as she’s an expert on customer surveys and actionable customer feedback. She also shares my passion for this topic. So we put our… Read More »

Optimize Routing and Reporting to ID Why Customers Call

Every contact center wants details on why customers call, both to route them in real-time and to report on call types. Many centers structure prompts to enable reporting on call reasons. Customers assume their selections lead to targeted service experiences. Yet quite often, they’re all routed to the same group regardless of menu choice! Prompt-driven… Read More »

Contact Center Reporting

Almost without exception, our clients express frustration with their contact center reporting. Important data located in various applications and strategic information requests drive the need to export data into warehouses and spreadsheets to meet business needs. But in doing so, the value of contact center technology reporting applications is lost. It’s time to get back… Read More »

Technology Optimization: Scorecards and Dashboards

Scorecards and dashboards present a tremendous opportunity to focus everyone in the contact center on what truly matters to the business. In the best case, the technology and associated processes operate like a nervous system, sensing and reporting key information about the current environment and stimulating coordinated action by all affected parts. In the worst… Read More »

Technology Optimization: Reporting

If I were to poll a cross-section of call center leaders, I’d probably find a love-hate relationship with reporting software. They love the technology for cranking out tons of data and reports. But they’re not crazy about how difficult it is to find the meaningful information among all that data. Since reporting is the key… Read More »