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With Cloud-Solutions, You Get What You Plan For

We’ve had our fingers on the pulse of cloud-based contact center solutions since the initial offerings came to market. There’s a lot to like about them: features/functions, flexibility, agility, ongoing upgrades, reduced demands on IT, attractive economics, and so on. Vendor messaging leans heavily on “good, fast, and cheap” to draw overburdened contact center and… Read More »

Be Smart When Evaluating Low Cost Solutions

Low cost contact center technology solutions abound in today’s market. Centers can quickly implement cloud-based applications at a low price point (well under $100 per agent per month!). These options may seem like a slam dunk for companies with limited IT resources, aging or ineffective systems, and limited budgets. And they can easily tempt others… Read More »

Make Sure Technology Sourcing Fits Your Environment

If you’ve spent any time around contact center conferences and trade shows, you can’t help but notice that the cloud is all the rage. Cloud-based technology appeals to contact centers that lack sufficient resources to manage their specialized technology. Centers also gain the freedom to turn capabilities and capacity on and off, while continuously benefiting… Read More »

Cloud Success in 3 “Easy” Pieces

The cloud is a strong contender for contact center technology today, and the market hype makes it look as simple as buying a mobile phone app! While it may look “fast and easy” on the surface, centers of any size or complexity need to do more than just turn on some software licenses and hope… Read More »

Vendors Are “All In” On Cloud-Based Contact Center Technology

The “Cloud” contact center technology market is maturing and the vendors are all in. A solid, experienced set of cloud-only players set the competitive stage, led by companies like 8×8, Five9, inContact (recently acquired by NICE), LiveOps, and Transera. These companies have enough market presence to make Gartner Magic Quadrants or other analyst evaluations. There… Read More »

3 Questions Narrow Technology Sourcing Decisions

The contact center technology market has become increasingly diverse and complex. With many sourcing options (premise, hosted, cloud, managed services), a growing number of vendors, and the dances those vendors do with their partners, it’s a wonder anyone can make a good decision, much less a timely one, when pursuing new solutions. Pricing comparisons alone… Read More »

Cloud Contact Center Has Something For Everybody

Contact centers have long been interested in cloud contact center solutions to compensate for scarce IT resources and pursue enhanced contact center technology. As cloud solution providers have expanded the features/functions, architecture choices, and services provided, there truly is something for everybody. Contact center management, contact center support, and IT in centers of all sizes… Read More »

Gotchas for Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions

Through our work with clients, we’ve had the opportunity to assess cloud-based contact center solutions and their applicability to environments of all shapes and sizes. We’ve captured the benefits in a couple of published articles – Contact Centers in the Clouds: Expanding Your Sourcing Options and Win! Win! Win!: The Cloud Contact Center has Something… Read More »

7 Reasons to Consider Hosted Contact Center Solutions

SaaS, Hosted, Cloud-based…whatever we call it, contact centers are interested. This technology option offers flexibility, speed, innovation and reliability with low demands on human and financial resources for implementation and support. Market analysts report that cloud-based seats are growing faster than the overall market. Here are 7 reasons why more and more contact centers are… Read More »