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Take Charge of Call Center Process Optimization

In the people, process, and technology triumvirate of customer service operations, it’s all too rare to find someone who’s in charge of call center process optimization. Yet a process specialist can have a big impact on both the customer experience and call center performance.

Process analysts work closely with front-line personnel, reporting and analytics analysts, quality monitoring and assurance analysts, trainers, and technology specialists. They redesign and optimize existing processes and play a critical role in defining and developing new processes. They are part of a continuous feedback loop with the other support roles to use technology effectively and help individuals and teams achieve performance goals.

call center business process optimization

In today’s economic climate, everyone’s marching orders say: “Do more with less” and “Control spending.” Process optimization delivers both. Improving processes leads to greater efficiency on every contact. As your processes improve, you may find that you not only control costs, but drive more revenue through the improved customer experience it creates.

Don’t let cost containment pressure stop you from creating this position. Find a way to do it now to create benefits that will pay off short- and long-term.