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3 Questions Narrow Technology Sourcing Decisions

The contact center technology market has become increasingly diverse and complex. With many sourcing options (premise, hosted, cloud, managed services), a growing number of vendors, and the dances those vendors do with their partners, it’s a wonder anyone can make a good decision, much less a timely one, when pursuing new solutions. Pricing comparisons alone… Read More »

Can’t We Just Outsource It?

There are a lot of reasons why executives are drawn to outsourcing like moths to a flame. Financial pressure. Growth/acquisition management. Dated technology (and no heart for investing). Tight time lines for action. Need for flexible staffing model. Belief that contact center specialists are simply better at it. But there’s more to outsourcing than meets… Read More »

Contact Center Technology: Beyond the “Bells and Whistles”

Contact centers can’t function without technology. They rely on a sophisticated collection of tools to enable the operational strategy that achieves business goals and meets customer needs. And given the wide spectrum of tools and sourcing options, it’s no surprise that lots of folks write about it. There’s a lot to say! But there’s a… Read More »

VoIP Transforms Outsourcing for Agents

Outsourcing is nothing new. For years, centers have allocated certain inbound call types and/or percentages of calls to third party service partners using relatively simple technology. In such cases, the outsourcer supplies people as well as the technology for contact routing, management, and reporting. While this model offers ease of implementation with simple, proven technology,… Read More »