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We’ve compiled the following list of resources to help you take your contact center to the next level.

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Best Practices

Everyone wants to know what the “best” centers do to efficiently and effectively serve their customers. We’ve compiled some thoughts to trigger thinking about ways to improve your center.

Contact Center Best Practices
Strategy, business processes, organization, reporting and metrics, technology, facilities
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Performance Management (a.k.a., Performance Optimization)
Strategy, workforce management, quality, training, analytics, technology
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Workforce Management
Organizational strategy, forecasting, scheduling, real-time management, reporting & analytics, technology
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Peak Season Coverage
Strategy, organizational readiness, personnel management, technology use & optimization
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Quality Monitoring
Strategy, recording, monitoring and scoring, feedback and coaching, calibration, reporting, continuous improvement
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Voice of the Customer
Strategy, level of effort, feedback and coaching, calibration, continuous improvement
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Work From Home
Strategy, personnel selection, personnel management, technology
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Technology Support and Management
Strategy, technology design and support, technology management, sample list of support processes
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Technology Monitoring and Testing
Monitoring and health checks, testing, test environment, testing progression
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We reach out to contact center professionals periodically to learn about their use of technology and plans for the future. The findings in our published surveys shed light on what's really happening "in the trenches."

Credit Union Contact Center Benchmark Survey
Strategic Contact conducted this benchmarking survey to help credit union contact centers improve their member service and respond to growing competition.
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Credit Union Resiliency Survey
This survey explores how credit union contact centers have responded to the coronavirus pandemic and the changes that they've experienced with their operations.
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Credit Union Technology Survey
This excerpt from the comprehensive Credit Union Contact Center Benchmark Survey focuses on contact center technology strategy, sourcing, usage, performance and analytics tools, core banking systems, and fraud and authentication.
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Credit Union Operations Survey
This excerpt from the comprehensive Credit Union Contact Center Benchmark Survey focuses on contact center organization and staffing, channels and member access, QM and WFM, employee training and development, and knowledge management.
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The Future of the Contact Center
This survey surfaces perspectives on how technology will affect frontline staffing and fulfillment of contact center goals. It also reveals the Top 3 technologies in the investment pipeline and the future of AI.
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Contact Center Technology
This survey explores investment drivers, decision criteria, implementation hurdles, and support concerns for contact center technology.
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We use the following tools in our consulting practice. They can help organize your thoughts and internal processes as you launch new contact center projects.

E3 Spectrums®
Contact Center leadership takes interest in best practices and how their operation compares with others. This tool provides guideposts to evaluate where they stand today and pinpoint areas for further investment.
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Resiliency Plan
Most folks already know that being prepared for disasters was important, but many haven’t been able to prioritize that task, and properly document, test, and refine a plan. This comprehensive outline can help you take up the mantle for this mission-critical task.
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RFP Outline
Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. This Request for Proposal (or Quote) outline should help you think about the things a good RFP needs to contain to support thorough due diligence.
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Technology Checklists
The contact center industry has many different technologies, each with their own unique features and functions, not to mention architectural and sourcing considerations. These lists can help you think about what is important to your requirements, due diligence discussions and evaluation processes.
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Technology Optimization
Chances are you are under-utilizing your current contact center technology and have opportunities to optimize! Use this table to trigger ideas about items for your "to do" list to get more out of what you have.
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Vendor Agreement Roles and Responsibilities
You need all the right players on your team, tackling the right concerns. Use this list to help define who is doing what as you're finalizing contracts for new products/services.
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Good SOW Characteristics
A good statement of work is as important as a good RFP – maybe even more so. Here are some key areas to address with your vendor before you finalize implementation plans.
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Contractual Considerations
We aren't lawyers or procurement specialists – you need to involve yours in your project! But this table will help you think about what needs to be part of your due diligence process when procuring products/services.
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Acronym List
New to the industry, or just tired of hearing all these acronyms and not knowing what they stand for? Check this list for the alphabet soup your vendors or colleagues are throwing at you. And let us know if we missed any – we'll find out what it is!
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Resource & Vendor Lists

Contact Center Resource List

This list provides associations, websites, blogs, publications, conferences, and other resources for contact centers.
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Contact Center Vendor List

This list covers key technology and service vendors in the contact center space. Use it as a starting point in your search for new solutions.
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