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With Cloud-Solutions, You Get What You Plan For

We’ve had our fingers on the pulse of cloud-based contact center solutions since the initial offerings came to market. There’s a lot to like about them: features/functions, flexibility, agility, ongoing upgrades, reduced demands on IT, attractive economics, and so on. Vendor messaging leans heavily on “good, fast, and cheap” to draw overburdened contact center and… Read More »

How to Streamline the Vendor Selection Process

Request for Proposal. RFP. Contact center and IT leaders, along with their procurement departments, turn to this tried and true approach when seeking a fair, competitive analysis of a variety of options. In some circumstances, a formal RFP may still be a good option, if not required. But the evaluation process needs to evolve with… Read More »

Be Smart When Evaluating Low Cost Solutions

Low cost contact center technology solutions abound in today’s market. Centers can quickly implement cloud-based applications at a low price point (well under $100 per agent per month!). These options may seem like a slam dunk for companies with limited IT resources, aging or ineffective systems, and limited budgets. And they can easily tempt others… Read More »

How to Navigate the Sea of Technology Options

Contact center technology selection is more complex than ever. Vendors offer a mind-boggling array of capabilities. Sourcing options abound and are a bit tricky to navigate. Buyers constantly live in the tension between their enthusiasm for the technology and the reality of budget and resource constraints. This complexity makes it difficult to narrow options and… Read More »

Time for an RFP? We can help!

Technology procurement is a mission-critical task for a contact center. If you score the right enabling technology with the right vendor partner, your center can be on the path to greater agent productivity, improved customer experience, and heightened insights into operational performance. Make the wrong choice, and you risk a painful implementation, suboptimal performance, and… Read More »

Best-of-Breed or Suite?

As companies make decisions about sourcing for new contact center technology, a crucial question to answer is whether to pursue “best-of-breed” (BoB) solutions or solutions that are part of a “suite.” The BoB strategy was common when vendors had a more narrow focus. For example, there were “CTI vendors” or “IVR vendors” and “WFM vendors”… Read More »

Top 10 Mistakes in Technology Selection Process

Contact centers always seem to be short on time and resources when it comes to their selection processes for new technology. And most are under pressure to move fast. Here are some common mistakes that don’t serve them over the long haul. ONE: Failure to assess the upside potential of your current solution. If your… Read More »

Which Technology Sourcing Option Is Right For You?

The number and types of vendors offering contact center solutions has grown dramatically. Cloud, hosted, and managed service providers provide broad functionality, often with innovative licensing arrangements. Seasoned premise solution players make long-proven capabilities available in the cloud. And they are all pursuing centers across a wide spectrum of sizes and vertical markets. The proliferation… Read More »

3 Questions Narrow Technology Sourcing Decisions

The contact center technology market has become increasingly diverse and complex. With many sourcing options (premise, hosted, cloud, managed services), a growing number of vendors, and the dances those vendors do with their partners, it’s a wonder anyone can make a good decision, much less a timely one, when pursuing new solutions. Pricing comparisons alone… Read More »