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Will AI Impact the Contact Center?

We embarked on a fun little survey this spring to gather input on the future of the contact center. Because AI is a hot topic, we focused particular attention on this widely hyped enabling technology.

We asked people to weigh in on what impact they think AI will have on contact centers in the next five years. Less than one-third see it as transformational, and the others displayed a fair amount of cynicism. About 10% say they expect minimal or no impact in the next five years.

Interestingly, experts are noticeably more cynical about AI, with almost two-thirds indicating it will not live up to the hype. CC Pros are the most optimistic with about one-third viewing it as transformational. We found more cynicism about AI at larger sizes. Since these centers are arguably the early adopters, that may show some learned (and earned) perspective. In line with that hypothesis, those indicating they don’t know enough about AI to give an opinion was much higher for small centers. Chances are they are less likely to have pursued AI projects or pilots.

We asked those who anticipate a “transformational” experience which applications will be most changed by advanced AI. Similar to expectations for automation technology in general, Bots is highest and RPA is second.

We also attempted to discern where the changes driven by AI will be most evident, focusing on key business goals. Few are looking to AI to drive sales or revenue impact. Volume and AHT impact are fairly balanced, although with a wider gap in favor of volume reduction.

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