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How to Get the Most Out of Speech Analytics

Speech analytics has garnered a tremendous amount of attention over the past few years. Among the top benefits cited:

  • speech analyticsAccurate information on why people call
  • Highlight areas of focus for operational efficiency gains
  • Insights on the drivers of customer retention or defection
  • Improved agent training and associated performance
  • Tangible feedback for product and service enhancements
  • Improved compliance

In our 2014 Contact Center Analytics Survey, 48% of participants said they used speech analytics; however, 40% of those folks admitted that they weren’t using it effectively. Comments regarding impediments to optimal usage include:

  • “We have more data than we know what to do with.”
  • “We don’t have the right resources or tools to understand the data.”
  • “Shared resources make it hard to dedicate the appropriate time to analytics.”
  • “We lack the requisite training and support to use the technology effectively.”
  • “We’ve had implementation issues; the technology isn’t doing what we expected it to do.”

We hear your pain! Speech Analytics is difficult to get right. You need a trained, dedicated analyst, not just an available reports person. And you need time and focus to reap the benefits; the technology doesn’t analyze and draw conclusions on its own. That’s a tall order even before you start pursuing the changes suggested by the analysis.

Based on survey data and our own experience, we know that most centers try to go it alone when it comes to support staff for the contact center. We also know that it’s difficult for most employees to develop mastery on the tools they use with limited training that’s typically delivered in one lump sum during implementation. Memories fail. Other responsibilities start to encroach on their time and mind-share. And with inevitable personnel changes, the successor analysts rarely get a full endowment of training.

We have a solution! Through our affiliate MainTrax, we now offer speech analytics users an affordable managed services program that can help you enhance revenue, improve performance, and reduce costs using the technology you already have or are planning to purchase. As experts in the field, they’ll help you craft your strategy, leverage the available tools to secure the data you need, and analyze findings. With their support, you’ll be able to gain new insights into call types and activities, pinpoint agent knowledge gaps and problematic behavior, modify call handling protocols, expose areas in need of process improvement, identify “at risk” customer types, and shore up compliance. This assessment leads to executable action plans that Strategic Contact can help you pursue. And you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t spring a leak in speech analytics expertise when competing priorities stack up or employees move on to other positions.

One other note from our 2014 Contact Center Analytics Survey: Of those who did not have speech analytics, two-thirds said they expected to pursue the technology. However, only 16% of them have concrete plans to do so. If resources are an impediment to progress, we’ve got your back!

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