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FULL Service WFM Coming Right Up

contact center agentWith frontline staffing comprising two-thirds or more of a center’s budget, it comes as no surprise that workforce management (WFM) is a mission critical discipline for contact centers. In fact, we’ve been on that soap box for years! Every center needs an effective means to forecast labor requirements, set schedules, monitor adherence, and provide reporting. And while the overwhelming majority of participants in our 2014 Workforce Optimization Technology Survey deemed WFM technology to be “highly valuable,” a third of them did not have access to it. Among those using WFM technology, only two-thirds said they used it effectively. And from what we’ve seen, small and medium centers struggle the most.

There are a lot of reasons why our industry has a less-than-stellar track record on WFM. From technology investment to human capital to ongoing training and management to competing projects and priorities, the barriers to implementing WFM and using it are as familiar as they are entrenched. We think it’s time to bust through! Now you can have an affordable solution AND have it live up to your expectations.

In partnership with Human Numbers and leveraging injixo’s cloud-based WFM, we’re offering a full service, low cost WFM tool and managed service. For considerably less than the cost to invest in technology and dedicated staff, we’ll provide a robust, reliable, actionable WFM program that includes:

  • Customized forecasts
  • Optimized schedules
  • Real-time adherence
  • An online resource to manage requests/approvals for time off
  • A Remote Workforce Manager [You don’t have to hire one!]

The forecasting models define workloads based on your processes, systems, employee ratios, and seasonality, and balance the demands of your volumes, staffing requirements, overtime and payroll hours, and service results. Forecasts may include chat, social media, and email if traffic on these channels can be measured and predicted.

As an added bonus, the WFM analysts providing this service have experience in the agent seat. They know the difference that proper scheduling can make in an agent’s life and how that can positively impact performance and retention.

If your WFM program is fledging or you don’t have the proper tool and/or talent to do the job, contact us to discuss our WFM offering »