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Your People Are Talking… Technology Helps

Contact centers are a team sport. No one has all of the answers all of the time.

  • Agents work with peers, team leads, escalation resources, corporate subject matter experts (SMEs), and others to resolve customer issues. They can also receive or share information, files, or updates to ensure they stay current.
  • contact center teamSupervisors/Team Leads support the front line and use coaching, status on goal attainment, and other information to stimulate peak performance.
  • Support functions such as a Command Center, Workforce Management Analysts, Trainers, and Quality Monitoring collaborate with Supervisors on intra-day performance, performance trends, and agent feedback for coaching. They share up to date information and training tips.
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide solutions to challenging issues.

Internal communication and collaboration have always been critical to contact center success, but the availability of tools and user demands make it the right time for renewed focus. Tried and true manual methods, such as Supervisors walking around, are no longer enough. With remote agents, dispersed centers, outsourcing partners, centralized support resources, and widely scattered SMEs, resources are often out of sight. In addition, the contact center environment is increasingly dynamic: in the information flow about products and services, and in the customer needs, expectations, and opinions expressed through increasingly diverse channels.

Here are some tools you should consider:

Tool Purpose Value
IM/Presence (including ability to share screens) Access other resources in the center or elsewhere in real time First Contact Resolution
Metrics Visibility; Dashboards Inform agents on current performance Reinforce performance goals Motivate agents to achieve KPIs
Ticker Tape Share relevant updates that impact contact handling or team performance Inform agents in real time Motivate agents
Core ACD – barge in and assistance request Quickly connect Supervisor or other resources and agent Coaching and development First Contact Resolution
Document and file sharing (e.g., Wiki, Knowledge Management, SharePoint “intranet” or “portal”) Provide access to information required for effective contact handling First Contact Resolution Minimize handle time Accurate and consistent contact handling
Mobile apps for Supervisors View real time center performance – wherever and whenever Effective management and being in tune to current state even when not on center floor Effective use of resources

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