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Co-Browsing Takes Web-based Customer Service Up a Notch

If you strike up a conversation about Web-based self service with contact center professionals, you’ll likely get a glow of satisfaction over the growing base of customers tinged with a hint of frustration over the channel’s isolation from other modes of contact. Organizational siloes are an unfortunate reality that most folks tolerate due to the challenge of breaking them down. But a recent survey by the Customer Contact Council gives ample justification to re-consider that stance:

  • 57% of consumers report a need to switch from the web to the phone when attempting self-service
  • 65% share negative customer service experiences, half of whom tell 10 or more others

co-browsing in the call centerIn a world in which unfavorable press can go viral with the click of a mouse, companies ignore loyalty-eroding conditions at their peril. You can and should continually improve your customer-facing websites with improved content, features/functions, and user interface. But when customers need help resolving an issue, co-browsing technology can deliver differentiated yet cost-effective service.

Second generation, hosted co-browsing brings the richness of web-based collaboration to the customer care environment:

  • Prospects/customers launch sessions with service representatives from the company website. They get help when and where they need it.
  • Second generation co-browsing does not require a software download nor write data on hard drives. Sessions begin within seconds (not minutes) without concern for firewalls or malware alerts.
  • By default, service representatives do not have the ability to make keyboard entries or mouse clicks. Prospects/customers control the action.
  • Companies can shield pages and/or data fields with sensitive customer information from agent view. Visitor privacy is protected as they browse the company’s website.
  • Second generation co-browsing supports all advanced web presentation technologies (e.g., AJAX, Flash, etc.). Agents see the rich content that prospects/customers experience.
  • Co-browsing isn’t limited to the company’s website. Prospects/customers can explore any sites or tools relevant to their inquiries.

Co-browsing technology delivers a host of benefits, such as:

  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Customer-centric up-selling and cross-selling
  • Increased first contact resolution rate
  • Reduced error rate on customer transactions
  • Accelerated cycle times for on-line transactions
  • Broader adoption and more intensive use of on-line products and services
  • Reduced customer service costs

Moreover, second generation co-browsing goes easy on overburdened IT resources and integrates readily into existing environments.

We’ve just published a white paper entitled Co-Browsing Delivers Exceptional Customer Service that provides more details on the business rationale and implementation requirements for co-browsing. Contact us if you’d like to discuss how it might fit in your operations. We’d be happy to help.