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FULL Service WFM Coming Right Up

With frontline staffing comprising two-thirds or more of a center’s budget, it comes as no surprise that workforce management (WFM) is a mission critical discipline for contact centers. In fact, we’ve been on that soap box for years! Every center needs an effective means to forecast labor requirements, set schedules, monitor adherence, and provide reporting…. Read More »

I Really Just Want to Help Myself!

In all likelihood, you offer at least one self-service channel, even if it is as basic as an IVR. So why are you still talking to customers? It’s because self-service falls short, and customers can’t find information or complete transactions without assistance. The value in closing this gap is huge – in dollars and customer… Read More »

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The Secrets to Technology Success

Too often, the pursuit of technology is driven by speed and constrained by resources. Experience shows this to be a bad combination.Technology success demands careful implementation planning as well as effective technology monitoring and support. Implementation and Testing Getting implementation right takes time, well-structured plans, and commitment from the contact center, IT, vendors and/or their partners…. Read More »

Build the Right KM Strategy

The concept of “Ready, Aim, Fire” applies as much to the challenge of KM as it does to hitting the bull’s eye with a bow-and-arrow or nailing a free throw in basketball. If you are serious about making a quantum improvement in your center’s knowledge management while spending resources wisely, you need to invest the… Read More »

Contact Center Expo & Conference 2015

I always look forward to ICMI’s Contact Center Expo and Conference. It gives me a concentrated look at what’s happening in the industry apart from my day-to-day work with clients. And, of course, I always enjoy hanging out with folks who love contact centers as much as I do. Here are some observations that I… Read More »

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Reimagining CRM

If you are stuck in a world in which customer relationship management (CRM) software can only play in the sales sandbox, it’s time to think outside the box. CRM vendors have paved a road to operational efficiency that helps contact centers serve their customers in excellence, across media, while delivering a more satisfying experience for their… Read More »

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Lori Bocklund Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

The team at Strategic Contact, Inc. is pleased to share the news that Lori Bocklund received the ICMI Lifetime Achievement Award at ICMI’s Global Contact Center Awards ceremony on May 4, 2015. Brad Cleveland, Senior Advisor and Past CEO/President of ICMI, shared the following remarks prior to recognizing Lori for her stellar contribution to the… Read More »

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The Only Thing Certain is Change

Change seems to be reaching new heights. Additions, consolidation, and moves affects the number of sites. Companies add outsourcers, use existing outsourcers in new ways, or move outsourced activity in-house. Then there is the whole merger and acquisition scramble which can set everyone on edge, whether it is with the vendor that supplies the technology… Read More »

Which Technology Sourcing Option Is Right For You?

The number and types of vendors offering contact center solutions has grown dramatically. Cloud, hosted, and managed service providers provide broad functionality, often with innovative licensing arrangements. Seasoned premise solution players make long-proven capabilities available in the cloud. And they are all pursuing centers across a wide spectrum of sizes and vertical markets. The proliferation… Read More »

HELP WANTED… to deliver contact center technology value

Maxed out. That’s how we find many contact center leaders and their IT counterparts. Too much to do, not enough time to do it, and the urgent always trumping the important. Sound familiar? Most centers find ways to attend to their technologies’ daily demands, some of which are routine (e.g., run reports, build schedules) and… Read More »