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Don’t Put Up With a Bad Desktop

It jumped out at me as big news: Lack of and/or bad desktop tools took the #1 spot on our challenges list for 2019. That data confirms what we see in countless projects. Without good desktop tools, agents find their own way, and that may not be good! Some use copy and paste, while others… Read More »

Cloud-based Contact Center Technology Implementation Support

Cloud-based contact center technology is a boon for today’s centers. It provides access to the latest features and functions with increased flexibility and decreased IT burden. Attractive economics and the promise of a speedy implementation provide strong inducements for decision makers. And yet, it still takes careful planning and intentional design for the technology and… Read More »

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With Cloud-Solutions, You Get What You Plan For

We’ve had our fingers on the pulse of cloud-based contact center solutions since the initial offerings came to market. There’s a lot to like about them: features/functions, flexibility, agility, ongoing upgrades, reduced demands on IT, attractive economics, and so on. Vendor messaging leans heavily on “good, fast, and cheap” to draw overburdened contact center and… Read More »

2019 Challenges and Priorities Survey

With nearly 300 participants, our fourth annual Challenges and Priorities Survey gave us a brief snapshot at what’s happening in our industry. I’m excited to share the results. This year, change is the theme! While I encourage you to download the complete report, here is a sneak preview into what we found in the results:… Read More »

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Seven Key Technologies for 2019

As we end 2018 and reflect on what’s ahead in 2019, it seems like a good time to think about what’s new and what’s next in contact center technology. My team of consultants identified the top things we see dominating contact center technology discussions. Here’s a quick summary before I dive into the commentary: Artificial… Read More »

Building a Credible Case for Technology Investment

In a recent series of articles with Contact Center Pipeline, I’ve focused on Contact Center Costs and the Role of Technology as well as strategies for calculating a Return on Investment (ROI) that might shake some funding loose for technology. As discussed in the second article, three common paths for business case development include: Efficiency… Read More »

Cloud-based KM Addresses Painful Contact Center Problems

Here’s the scene: It’s the busiest hour of the busiest day. With beefed up self-service through online and mobile applications, customers take care of the easy stuff on their own and reach out to agents when they can’t find what they need. Meanwhile, agents are overwhelmed, trying to retain knowledge on an increasingly complex and diverse… Read More »

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Achieving First Contact Resolution

Many contact centers have a big goal: Increase First Contact Resolution (FCR). Leaders know it can improve efficiency, lower costs, provide a better customer experience. This post looks at tools that may help you achieve (or improve) FCR. As usual, these tools go hand-in-hand with good processes and the right contact center support and IT… Read More »

Don’t Let Your IVR Languish

We see common situations in our contact center assessment projects: The IVR needs fixing. It’s been static for years. But nobody thinks it matters too much. Or they are afraid to touch it, out of fear it will “break” something. Without reports, they lack visibility to the problems and the data to show the potential… Read More »

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Results are IN for the 2018 Contact Center Technology Survey

Our 2018 contact center technology survey shows that some things never change, even in an era of massive change! It had been six years since we reached out to contact center professionals to take stock of their technology views. Over the intervening years, the prevailing standards of service excellence have continued to rise. New technologies… Read More »

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