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3 Questions Narrow Technology Sourcing Decisions

The contact center technology market has become increasingly diverse and complex. With many sourcing options (premise, hosted, cloud, managed services), a growing number of vendors, and the dances those vendors do with their partners, it’s a wonder anyone can make a good decision, much less a timely one, when pursuing new solutions. Pricing comparisons alone are a huge challenge.

As a contact center leader seeking new technology, you can simplify the process considerably by answering three sequential questions:

  1. Do you want a premise or cloud solution (or some variation)?
  2. Which vendors will you consider?
  3. Will the bid come directly from a vendor or through a partner, and if a partner, which one?
contact center technology sourcing decisions

If you’re heading into a technology evaluation, selection, and procurement process, I highly recommend that you read the full article published recently in Contact Center Pipeline. Let’s face it:

  • No vendor wants to be competing against a large, scattered field.
  • No buyer wants to evaluate a ton of proposals.

When you invest a little time spent up front narrowing the options, you’ll be able to spend your time evaluating “best fit” options that you can compare directly. At the end of the day, it’ll serve all parties well.