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Are Managed Services On Your Radar?

Managed services (MS) has garnered plenty of energy and enthusiasm in the contact center technology marketplace, both from buyers and sellers. It is perceived as solving problems companies face today, notably IT cost, responsiveness, resource bandwidth, and expertise. The contact center wants more control for strategic and day-to-day changes, and has an increasing need for… Read More »

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Best-of-Breed or Suite?

As companies make decisions about sourcing for new contact center technology, a crucial question to answer is whether to pursue “best-of-breed” (BoB) solutions or solutions that are part of a “suite.” The BoB strategy was common when vendors had a more narrow focus. For example, there were “CTI vendors” or “IVR vendors” and “WFM vendors”… Read More »

Project Management Is Not Enough for Implementation

We’ve been on our soapbox for years to encourage organizations to adopt the 3 Ms of implementation – Project, Change, and Vendor Management. Project Management (PM) focuses on the tasks associated with an implementation – planning, executing, and completing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet business objectives. Change management (CM)… Read More »

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Top 10 Mistakes in Technology Selection Process

Contact centers always seem to be short on time and resources when it comes to their selection processes for new technology. And most are under pressure to move fast. Here are some common mistakes that don’t serve them over the long haul. ONE: Failure to assess the upside potential of your current solution. If your… Read More »

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Is NPS Good for the Contact Center?

Let’s get the rant part of this blog out of the way right up front: I am not a fan of Net Promoter Score (NPS®)1 for the contact center. No hidden agenda here. I am tired of the topic coming up and wish it would go away. But I will continue to engage in thoughtful… Read More »

Fix Your Front-end Now!

My campaign to get everyone to fix their “IVR” or front-end menus and scripts starts NOW. We have all heard the complaints – whether from customers of your specific contact center, or just from friends and family who presume you are a sympathetic ear for their most recent suffering at the hands of bad user… Read More »

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WFO Suites Promote Efficiency and Effectiveness

Workforce Optimization (WFO) technology continues to advance. Tools such as Workforce Management (WFM) and Quality Monitoring (QM) have achieved widespread deployment. A full WFO suite delivers an array of intertwined functions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the center, and optimize the hiring, training, performance, and development of the most valuable (and expensive) resource… Read More »

“I Just Want to Talk to Someone…”

Reports of the decline of human interaction in the contact center are premature. While it might be a noble goal to obsolete phone calls, email, chat, and text, the need for dialog is still strong. Sometimes self-service fails. Some customers dislike self-service. Some transaction s are not well-suited to self-service. Whatever the reason for wanting… Read More »

How to Get the Most Out of Speech Analytics

Speech analytics has garnered a tremendous amount of attention over the past few years. Among the top benefits cited: Accurate information on why people call Highlight areas of focus for operational efficiency gains Insights on the drivers of customer retention or defection Improved agent training and associated performance Tangible feedback for product and service enhancements… Read More »

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FULL Service WFM Coming Right Up

With frontline staffing comprising two-thirds or more of a center’s budget, it comes as no surprise that workforce management (WFM) is a mission critical discipline for contact centers. In fact, we’ve been on that soap box for years! Every center needs an effective means to forecast labor requirements, set schedules, monitor adherence, and provide reporting…. Read More »