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Lori Bocklund Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

lifetime-achievementThe team at Strategic Contact, Inc. is pleased to share the news that Lori Bocklund received the ICMI Lifetime Achievement Award at ICMI’s Global Contact Center Awards ceremony on May 4, 2015.

Brad Cleveland, Senior Advisor and Past CEO/President of ICMI, shared the following remarks prior to recognizing Lori for her stellar contribution to the industry:

“In earlier days of our profession, things were much simpler. Technology was limited but so were the suppliers to choose from. Processes were more straightforward. Our customers didn’t expect quite as much. Our contacts were perhaps more predictable.

“And then, things began to change. Our world became more connected, more immediate, more demanding. Contacts became more interesting, more complex. The channels that delivered them proliferated.

“Just the technology options alone. My goodness, who could make sense of them all?

“And so, it was in this environment that tonight’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner saw a tremendous need in our profession. She was already a successful VP in a well-regarded consulting firm. She had written a book still popular today and had marque clients she was helping. And I remember the day, a dozen years ago now, that she called to let me know that she was starting her own firm to serve our profession – one that would be an independent and competent source of expertise.

“And so, with engineering degrees in hand, one from South Dakota State University and a Masters in Engineering from George Washington University, she moved from Northern Virginia to Oregon where she could run, bike, and hike. She followed her dreams.

“Yes, she is a trained engineer who loves technology, but she understands it must be used for a purpose. You hear about those of us with left brains, and those of us with right brains, and she must have circled through the assembly line twice, because she has both. Her ability to simplify complex issues is legendary. And her work will have impact far beyond her years in our profession.

“Please welcome this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient: Founder and President of Strategic Contact, Lori Bocklund.”