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Contact Center Resiliency Plan

Your Contact Center Resiliency Plan should help you minimize disruptions caused by events, continue operations when events occur, and recover operations after unanticipated catastrophes. It will address events that can impact facilities (e.g., power outage, fire, storm, flood), people (e.g., virus, evacuation), and technology (e.g., network, systems, and/or power failure) as well as handling volumes that exceed your monthly or seasonal patterns.

The outline for our comprehensive plan includes:

  • Team roles and responsibilities
  • Declaration/activation of resiliency plan scenarios
  • Communications
  • Execution procedures and owners (people, process, technology)
  • Full recovery (facilities, people, process, technology)
  • Event review
  • Testing
  • Resiliency plan maintenance

This new era demands a new level of preparedness. Put the Contact Center Resiliency Plan at the top of your “to do” list and use this guide to help you move forward.