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A Tribute to Lori Fraser

This isn’t the way it is supposed to be… Lori and I had more projects to tackle, things to learn together, and adventures to share. But on Friday, July 26th, Lori departed this world surrounded by her loving husband and two children. Life will never be the same without her.

I met Lori 14 years ago on a consulting engagement with her then employer. She was a dream client with whom I enjoyed a productive and engaging partnership. I was thrilled when she later decided to become my colleague at Strategic Contact.

With over 20 years’ experience leading sales, customer service, and technical support teams to excellence in the USA, Europe, and India, Lori was a real asset to our team. Her expertise in staff development, training, and process streamlining consistently produced highly effective, actionable, and result-oriented outcomes for clients. My dream client became a dream coworker.

Lori was passionate about contact centers and the professionals who dedicated their careers to them. She worked tirelessly on behalf of her clients, often taking on grueling travel schedules and tight deadlines to meet their needs. She contributed actively to Strategic Contact’s thought leadership pieces with the same fervor. Her work was thorough and professional, always erring on the side of delivering more value than was promised or expected. Lori loved being a member of the ICMI review board to evaluate submissions for Contact Center of the Year. She was a SOCAP STAR Award winner for outstanding contributions to the Northwest Regional Chapter.

Lori was eager to learn and always up for a challenge. She readily signed on for assignments that provided the opportunity to expand her knowledge of contact center technology, operations, and best practices. She put herself through the rigors of becoming a certified Contact Center Management Consultant (CCMC) with CAIC and completed training with Prosci in Change Management methodologies and tools. She also cultivated the practice management skills that enabled her to bring new clients into the fold and serve as lead on project work.

Lori was endlessly positive and upbeat. No matter how troublesome or frustrating a circumstance might be, Lori always had something good to say. She also knew how to stand her ground in a forwarding way. She didn’t sugarcoat a strong message for the sake of false harmony. Whatever pushback she’d get, she stayed on message with a positive approach that left her clients (or peers!) feeling good about her perspective. Even in the wake of a devastating diagnosis, Lori consistently sang the praises of her medical team and the tools they used to mitigate pain and prolong her life.

Lori was a joy to be around. When traveling, she was always up for an adventure. She loved sampling the local cuisine and going on long walks to explore the area. (Matt and Lori once took a 2 mile walk one-way for the sake of cheesesteak sandwiches at Geno’s in Philadelphia!) She had a great sense of humor and appreciated all forms of levity that her colleagues served up. She was a good listener and enjoyed sharing stories about family, friends, hobbies, and interests outside work. Even in her last months, she was telling me tales full of humor and grace.

Lori was a giver. At work, Lori was always helpful, willing to pitch in on anything. She advanced industry initiatives through service on Boards and membership in professional organizations. She was active in World Vision ministries to have a significant impact on impoverished children, family, and communities. She was on the Board of the Friends of Haystack Rock to promote awareness and preservation of this treasure of the Oregon Coast. And, most importantly, she was a devoted wife and mother.

As the team processes this loss, we are taking a page from Lori’s playbook. We are grateful for all the years we spent together as colleagues and friends. We are deeply indebted to Lori for her professionalism, her contributions to our industry and our company, her personal magnetism, and the inspiration of her life. And we accept our tears as the price we pay for having had the privilege of knowing and working with someone who meant so much to us.

Rest in peace, dear friend.