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2022 Challenges and Priorities

We’ve just published results from our Seventh Annual Contact Center Challenges and Priorities Survey. As with prior years, it was a short survey that asked two simple questions of contact center professionals: What are your biggest challenges today? What are your top priorities for the new year? We’ve been throwing in a bonus question the… Read More »

Work From Home: Today and Tomorrow

Work From Home (WFH) programs have moved from the sidelines to center stage in most contact centers, courtesy of COVID-19. Thousands of agents worldwide scrambled to set up home offices all the while addressing higher call volumes, longer handle times, and a myriad of changes related to their physical separation from teammates, coaches, and leaders…. Read More »

Why Technology Planning Gets Sidetracked

As noted in my article How to Respond to Visionary Ideas, today’s “hot technologies” target business challenges that grab senior leadership attention – e.g., staffing demands, performance improvement, cost containment, revenue drivers, customer satisfaction. For example: Bots purport to deflect loads of calls, chats, and text messages AI improves routing, workforce management, desktop tools, and… Read More »

Technology Needs Committed Users

Our assessment and planning projects often carry the recommendation to build out the team of support resources – e.g., business analysts to address forecasting and scheduling, perform analysis to drives actions, and manage knowledge and process automation. Committed resources for quality assurance and training can be a common gap that grows more evident as the… Read More »

How to Respond to Visionary Ideas

Executives regularly ask contact center and IT leaders to explore (or pursue) technologies that could benefit their organizations. Here are the ideas that we hear on countless projects. Bots Everybody thinks if only they had a bot, it would deflect loads of calls, chats, or text messages and solve many of the center’s problems. Numerous… Read More »

2021 Challenges and Priorities

In our sixth year of asking contact center professionals about their biggest challenges and priorities, we found out that their vision for the coming year was overshadowed by the global pandemic that has disrupted everyone and everything. As such the theme I’d pick for the year is agility. Not enough centers had it, and going… Read More »

Surveys Highlight CC Opportunities

We have the privilege of working with contact centers of many sizes, across a wide range of industries. They all have a few things in common: they want to deliver a great customer experience, meet their target metrics, operate efficiently and effectively, and use technology to their advantage. Credit unions are a bit unique in… Read More »

Getting to the Bottom Line for Cloud Solutions

Cloud vendors regularly crow about their “fast and easy” delivery of advanced contact center capabilities. When their benchmark is premise-based solutions, they’ve certainly got an edge. However, contact centers still need to put themselves and their prospective vendor partners through the planning paces before signing on the dotted line to ensure there’s a good fit… Read More »

Is Your Contact Center Ready for Novel Coronavirus-like Scenarios?

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) – a.k.a., contingency planning, business continuity management, and business recovery planning – can weigh on CC leaders’ minds. All too often, developing plans and putting resources in place doesn’t make it to the top of the “to do” list or score a “win” in the battle of the budget…. Read More »

Does Your Technology Help (or Hinder) Agent Engagement?

I’ve challenged contact centers to make 2020 the Year of the Agent. I’ve built my case around the argument that if you want to deliver a great customer experience, you first have to make sure you’re delivering a great agent experience. In the spirit of action, I’ve outlined two different assignments for you to assess… Read More »