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Get Insights, Take Action

If you’re a contact center manager, you live between a rock and a hard place. Your leadership wants you to deliver great service while augmenting revenue and lowering costs. Your customers expect a personalized, effective interaction regardless of media. Amidst the usual fare of operational challenges, you try to squeeze in some time to review… Read More »

Technology Optimization: Quality Monitoring

Try this analogy: Compare quality monitoring in your center to differing approaches to health management. One model awaits the presence of symptoms before bringing specialists into action to treat the disease. The other promotes health proactively for the whole body as a means to ward off problems. I’m all for the latter when it comes… Read More »

Technology Optimization: Workforce Management

When I scout for the potential to hit a technology optimization home run, Workforce Management (WFM) comes to mind immediately. Its capacity to forecast, schedule, and track the overwhelmingly largest line item cost in your center (your staff!) certainly warrants a place in the starting line-up. Perhaps it hasn’t had the best batting average over… Read More »

A New Working Relationship for IT and the Contact Center

“Come gather ’round people, Wherever you roam…” Yes, folks. The times they are a-changin’ for contact center technology management. Here’s just a few of the reasons why: IT has an increased burden on its time and resources driven by business needs… and most IT shops have not been able to staff up to handle the… Read More »

Technology Optimization: Scorecards and Dashboards

Scorecards and dashboards present a tremendous opportunity to focus everyone in the contact center on what truly matters to the business. In the best case, the technology and associated processes operate like a nervous system, sensing and reporting key information about the current environment and stimulating coordinated action by all affected parts. In the worst… Read More »

Technology Optimization: Reporting

If I were to poll a cross-section of call center leaders, I’d probably find a love-hate relationship with reporting software. They love the technology for cranking out tons of data and reports. But they’re not crazy about how difficult it is to find the meaningful information among all that data. Since reporting is the key… Read More »

The Contact Center as a Police State?

We have had PCI compliance as part of the discussion in many of our projects over the last few years, focused on the technology requirements for data protection and vendor’s abilities to comply. However, we recently heard an unusual – I hope – situation that raised concerns for me. A client who is undergoing a… Read More »

7 Keys to Effective Multichannel Customer Contact Governance

Multichannel customer contact is a fact of life. Unfortunately, so are organizational silos and divided ownership of the media that your customers use, or want to use.  In an increasingly complex customer interaction environment, there’s no time like the present to get your corporate act together. Start with a discovery process that takes inventory of… Read More »

Technology Optimization: Routing and Skills

Many elements play a role in routing, including the network, IVR, ACD, and potentially CTI and databases. Centers need to review or define a call path carefully, end-to-end, to apply the technology properly. Skills capabilities allow agents to handle various call types and priorities, and conditional routing makes “if…then…” decisions for each call. Most centers… Read More »

5 Essentials for Effective Contact Center Technology Support

There’s no doubt about it. Contact center technology has gotten much more sophisticated. It offers a whole gamut of features and functions that we wouldn’t have thought possible years ago. But it’s also more difficult to create the same degree of stability and reliability that we used to enjoy with the old telecom systems. Here… Read More »