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Unified Communications in the Call Center

Historically, the call center was left to its own devices to care for customers while managing service delivery. It was a cost center aspiring to evolve to a profit center where it held some chance to protect or drive revenue. Then UC came along with big promises of revolutionizing call center operations and their enterprise… Read More »

Seven Tips for Effective Contact Center Technology Planning

Technology is the “Big Top” of contact centers. It has so many thrilling attractions on so many stages that it’s sometimes hard to know where to focus your attention. Every solution promises to reduce your costs, increase your revenue, improve quality and service levels, add efficiency, make your CSRS and Supervisors happier, and win you… Read More »

7 Steps for Selecting the Right Contact Center Technology

Call center buyers face an embarrassment of riches in call center technology, sourcing, vendor, and distributor options. The good news: It’s a highly competitive market with ample room to compare products and negotiate prices. The bad news: It takes time to get to know the vendors and give them the chance to know you. Don’t… Read More »

Will IVR Still Play a Role in Multi-channel Customer Contact?

I recently had the opportunity to present a webinar with Varolii Corporation entitled Preparing Your Business for Today’s Multi-channel Customer. Most companies already live in a multi-channel world with voice, fax, email, voicemail, IVR, web. Some support web chat, outbound alerting, social media, and mobile, or have plans to do so. It’s an important topic as… Read More »

Are You Happy With Your Contact Center Technology?

I wish that most people could answer that question with a resounding YES! But I’m afraid that complaints about technology and the people who support it are rather common. Technology is supposed to serve our customers better, lower our costs, and position our companies to sell our wares effectively. But too often, we’re caught up… Read More »

Take Charge of Call Center Process Optimization

In the people, process, and technology triumvirate of customer service operations, it’s all too rare to find someone who’s in charge of call center process optimization. Yet a process specialist can have a big impact on both the customer experience and call center performance. Process analysts work closely with front-line personnel, reporting and analytics analysts, quality monitoring and… Read More »

Multi-channel Communication: A Rose by Any Other Name…

“Multi-channel communication” is the 21st century version of multimedia communication for the contact center. Or is it? In fact, I think it is a potentially confusing term depending on who the audience is and their perspective. According to, the noun has many definitions, including several that are relevant to contact centers: a route through… Read More »

Four Key Opportunities to Improve Contact Center Support

We define seven key areas when considering contact center support functions. While the nature of these functions can vary greatly based on factors such as size, number of sites, type of business and business goals, culture, and other organizational roles and responsibilities, any center should be able to point to these functions and know how… Read More »

Avoid Pitfalls in Call Center Technology Implementation

Call center technology selection and implementation can be a painstaking affair. Defining requirements. Developing a Request for Proposal (RFP). Entertaining the vendors and sifting through all of the responses. Gaining buy-in from all the decision makers. Negotiating contacts. Developing and executing installation, testing, and production plans. If we spend so much time preparing for the… Read More »

Contact Centers Need Change Management

Most companies manage projects by checking boxes on a project plan. They declare victory when the new system is in production, process changes are implemented, or the organization charts are redrawn. While it’s all fine and well to celebrate milestones, they ought to save the ticker tape parade for a time when their projects demonstrate… Read More »