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Contact Center Technology: Beyond the “Bells and Whistles”

Contact centers can’t function without technology. They rely on a sophisticated collection of tools to enable the operational strategy that achieves business goals and meets customer needs. And given the wide spectrum of tools and sourcing options, it’s no surprise that lots of folks write about it. There’s a lot to say!

contact center technology planningBut there’s a side of technology that rarely gets coverage. It’s the side that deals with all the processes and interdepartmental relationships that need to come together to plan for, procure, implement, and support contact center technology. These “stories” may not have the same panache as an expose on the latest and greatest application or service offering. But it’s just as important to get this “other side” of technology firing on all pistons. In our practical, real-world approach to projects, it’s something we often dive into to help our clients address issues and optimize their investments.

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

Since we think it’s so important and relevant, we conducted a survey of contact center and IT/Telecom professionals to uncover trends in technology procurement, implementation, and support. Read the feature story to see what we learned from the input of 238 participants tackling problems and projects that are probably similar to yours. In addition, we’ve published many articles that will help you reflect on your decision-making processes, support infrastructure, and working relationships. Here is a handy list of some of our topics:

Strategy & Planning
Procurement & Vendor Relationship Management
Implementation & Support
Roles, Responsibilities, & Relationships between IT and Contact Center

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