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Selection Criteria for Cross-channel Analytics

contact center analyticsIf there was Pulitzer prize for achievement in ambiguous terminology, contact center “analytics” would certainly be in the running. Seemingly every vendor has a solution – e.g., speech analytics, data analytics, text analytics, performance analytics, customer experience analytics – with no consistent naming convention to describe the target use.

If you are planning to purchase a cross-channel analytics solution for your contact center, I’d suggest the following starter list of questions as you entertain vendors:

  • Which modes of customer contact does your solution take into account – e.g., store front, point of sale, kiosk, call center (inbound, outbound), self-service (IVR, web), proactive alerts, web chat, social media, mobility?
  • Does the solution measure cost per contact by channel and overall?
  • Do you integrate with CRM to assess findings and yield insights by customer segment?
  • Do you have a means to capture and report on the customer experience at every step of their process within a given channel? As they cross channels? Can you identify exactly where and why problems occur and the actions customers take in response?
  • Can you identify the percentage of each channel’s activity that is directly related to hand-offs from, or deficiencies in, other channels?
  • Can you identify which agents, skills, or sites drive repeat contact? Can you tell which customer segments, products, services, or business processes drive repeat contacts?
  • Will the solution identify places where technology, process, or people changes might drive revenue, reduce churn, and/or decrease operating costs? Does it pinpoint opportunities to drive customers to lower cost channels?
  • Does your solution provide a graphical user interface that readily presents findings and enables drill-down for detailed analysis? Can dashboards be tailored to the individual user?
  • Are you willing to invest in a “proof of concept” to demonstrate the benefits of your offering and the ease with which the requisite technologies and processes can be put in place to support it?

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