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E3 Spectrums®

Contact Center leadership takes interest in best practices and how their operation compares with others. This tool provides guideposts to evaluate where they stand today and pinpoint areas for further investment.

Resiliency Plan

Most folks already know that being prepared for disasters was important, but many haven’t been able to prioritize that task, and properly document, test, and refine a plan. This comprehensive outline can help you take up the mantle for this mission-critical task.

RFP Outline

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. This Request for Proposal (or Quote) outline should help you think about the things a good RFP needs to contain to support thorough due diligence.

Technology Checklists

The contact center industry has many different technologies, each with their own unique features and functions, not to mention architectural and sourcing considerations. These lists can help you think about what is important to your requirements, due diligence discussions and evaluation processes.

Technology Optimization

Chances are you are under-utilizing your current contact center technology and have opportunities to optimize! Use this table to trigger ideas about items for your “to do” list to get more out of what you have.

Good SOW Characteristics

A good statement of work is as important as a good RFP – maybe even more so. Here are some key areas to address with your vendor before you finalize implementation plans.

Contractual Considerations

We aren’t lawyers or procurement specialists – you need to involve yours in your project! But this table will help you think about what needs to be part of your due diligence process when procuring products/services.

Acronym List

New to the industry, or just tired of hearing all these acronyms and not knowing what they stand for? Check this list for the alphabet soup your vendors or colleagues are throwing at you. And let us know if we missed any – we’ll find out what it is!