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How to Secure Funding for Contact Center Technology

Here’s the secret to success: Align the business strategy, the contact center operations strategy, and the contact center technology strategy to build credibility for technology project prioritization. The business strategy examines opportunities for increasing revenue and establishing operational advantages for superior efficiency and competitive advantage. The contact center operations strategy refers to the work required… Read More »

Health Insurance Contact Centers Gear Up for the Affordable Care Act

In my last post, I sounded the clarion call for State agencies to get ahead of the power curve to handle the contacts related to the Affordable Care Act. Health insurance contact centers are equally vulnerable to a serious upswing in activity as millions of Americans and thousands of small businesses attempt to navigate their… Read More »

Are State Agency Contact Centers Ready for the Affordable Care Act?

In March 2010, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) into law. Although the law is multi-faceted and has a phased implementation schedule, there are a few provisions that leap to mind as I think about the impact of the Affordable Care Act on State agency contact centers: Most folks will… Read More »

It’s Time for Technology-Enabled Process Optimization

As we observe contact handling in centers of all sizes, shapes and locations, we hear the frustration with all the disconnected and manual tasks – during the contact or wrap-up, and when work flows from the center to other parts of the organization. Few have made progress integrating desktop applications, automating processes, or tracking work… Read More »

Contact Centers Need Consolidated Reporting, Scorecards and Analytics

Deliver great service and drive revenue. Provide personalized, effective interaction regardless of media. Assess what’s working and what’s not. Drive change to make things better. Contact center managers can’t meet those expectations without data from multiple sources to allow timely cross-application and cross-channel views of performance. And they need tools to enable trend and root… Read More »

Contact Centers Are Going Mobile

According to the CTIA, there are well over 300 million wireless subscribers in the United States alone. Society as we know it has gone mobile. And where society goes, the contact center is sure to follow. Banks, airlines, credit card companies, and retailers are just a few of the places where mobile applications are becoming… Read More »

7 Reasons to Consider Hosted Contact Center Solutions

SaaS, Hosted, Cloud-based…whatever we call it, contact centers are interested. This technology option offers flexibility, speed, innovation and reliability with low demands on human and financial resources for implementation and support. Market analysts report that cloud-based seats are growing faster than the overall market. Here are 7 reasons why more and more contact centers are… Read More »

It’s Time to Take Multi-Channel Technology Seriously

Multi-channel customer contact is not an option for today’s contact centers; it’s a necessity. Phone calls may still rule, but the alternatives to real-time voice are too numerous and significant to ignore or treat as second class. Most centers handle each medium in distinct organizational siloes, informally. Few companies integrate channels or use sophisticated tools… Read More »

The Value of Technology Assessment and Planning

Technology projects are on the rise. There’s pent up demand and “end of life” threats on existing systems. It’s tempting to move fast to get something done. But that’s not optimal for making careful and thoughtful decisions. I’d suggest that you use a structured process to reduce risk and enable you to achieve your goals… Read More »

Put the Right Contact Center Analytics Tools in your Toolkit

Contact center managers need analytical tools beyond the typical contact center reports. But there are so many choices! Performance Optimization/Workforce Optimization suite vendors (e.g., Verint, Nice, Aspect, Envision, and others) that offer speech analytics, usually some level of data analytics (including scorecards and dashboards), and (perhaps) desktop analytics Speech analytics vendors (e.g., Utopy, Callminer, Nexidia)… Read More »