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Client Comment 5

Thanks for highlighting the important decisions and their impact on our project. This helped us take ownership of the project outcome and realize some great benefits.

Client Comment 4

The learnings exceeded my expectations. I have many things to review and discuss when I return to the office! Your company’s involvement was critical to the success we had in this project. You did an outstanding job of helping us accomplish a difficult task in a very timely manner.

Client Comment 3

Brian and Steve are terrific! They did such a good job fitting into our culture, handling sensitive topics, and didn’t get distracted when the answers weren’t clear. They are really good at what they do. I feel like we made a terrific choice in selecting Strategic Contact for this project.

Client Comment 2

They brought instant credibility to our project. Strategic Contact helped us document and articulate a three-year technology roadmap for our contact centers. The advantage of working with consultants that specialize in contact centers – and are not trying to sell technology – is that senior managers are willing to listen and not assume there is… Read More »

Client Comment 1

We’ve chosen Strategic Contact for a number of engagements based on their track record of delivery, which inspires trust and confidence. They are demonstrated experts in contact centers from a people, process, and technology perspective and they have a proven approach to driving actionable outcomes. They provide solid, understandable frameworks for brainstorming, requirements setting, implementation… Read More »