Independent Contact Center Consultants: Bridging Strategy, Technology and Operations Since 2004

Client Comment 14

The class exceeded any expectations I had and Lori was fantastic. She made all the topics real and applicable to my organization. I truly enjoyed the class.

Client Comment 13

Most consultants just sit back and advise. You actually get your hands dirty. You help us accomplish the things you suggest we do. You are there every step of the way.

Client Comment 12

Strategic Contact consultants have considerable experience and are very familiar and current with all of the technologies and best practices in this space. An added dimension is that they are equally familiar with business needs.

Client Comment 11

Strategic Contact spent the time to understand the nature of our call center and the challenges we face. They made recommendations on technologies that would provide good value for our organization.

Client Comment 10

We were looking at the best way to apply current technologies to our call center. We did a consultant search and Strategic Contact provided the most organized, well thought out approach to what we were looking for.

Client Comment 9

Strategic Contact helps teams move into more empowered and creative problem-solving actions. And they help organizations see internal roadblocks or risk factors from a non-judgmental third party perspective.

Client Comment 8

Knowledge is only one of their strengths. Their real strength is in their ability to partner and work with differing teams and priorities to recommend a winning outcome that allows for greater efficiencies. Our successes are partially a result of partnering with Strategic Contact. Strategic Contact brings out the best in existing call center staff.

Client Comment 7

We selected Strategic Contact to help us determine whether to in-source or outsource our call center and to help us improve the routing of customer calls between our sales and service contact center groups. While we selected Strategic Contact because of their expertise in call centers and call center technologies, they were ultimately re-engaged for… Read More »

Client Comment 6

I would absolutely recommend Strategic Contact and we will continue to use them for our contact center consulting needs.