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Is Mobile the Next Great Thing?

While I try not to be sensitive, I cringe whenever folks regale me with their latest miserable customer service experiences. Studies show that customer satisfaction measurements lag far behind internal view measured through quality monitoring scores. Where are the “Wow!” experiences we all seek?

A good mobile app, integrated with the contact center, can achieve one or more of the “holy grail” goals of centers… and deliver of the “Wow.”


Cut costs: Every agent contact avoided because someone self serves on a mobile app saves dollars. Every time information is passed from a mobile device to the agent to aid in identification and verification, handle time, and therefore cost, goes down.

Drive revenue: A customer who becomes a fan of the mobile app and knows they can get help when needed views the company as truly “easy to do business with.” That means they stay a loyal customer, potentially buy more or otherwise expand their relationship with the company, and may even tell their friends (one on one or through their social media ravings). At the micro level, assistance may help them complete a purchase that they otherwise would have abandoned. Ka-ching!

Improve service: A customer who can use the device and channel(s) of choice and know they will succeed every time may sing a different tune than the typical ones who feel like there is no connection between channels. Someone who avoids queues and menus may be truly “wowed” by the service. It’s all possible.

Unfortunately, in spite of all its potential, mobile faces some of the same challenges other channels do: diverse departmental ownership and too many projects vying for the attention of too few resources, budget dollars, and days on the calendar. It’s a rare company that has the level of customer focus, engagement across leaders, and ability to bring the resources together and prioritize to pull that off. But it’s possible… and the growing popularity of mobile devices suggests that it needs to be done!

It’s time to lift our heads and transform the customer experience. This will require a cross-organizational team with marketing, eCommerce, and IT, at least. We can and must be a catalyst to leverage the potential of this transformational tool and its ability to link into the people, processes, and technology that are ready, willing, and able to help. And when we succeed, we should promote it like crazy!

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