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Get Insights, Take Action

mountain of contact center reportsIf you’re a contact center manager, you live between a rock and a hard place. Your leadership wants you to deliver great service while augmenting revenue and lowering costs. Your customers expect a personalized, effective interaction regardless of media. Amidst the usual fare of operational challenges, you try to squeeze in some time to review all the data produced by your sea of applications to uncover insights to drive your next performance improvement initiative. But if you haven’t got the right data or the experience to know how to interpret it, you’re swimming upstream against a powerful current.

Analytics/Business Intelligence is the crucial building block to process that mountain of data and find critical insights for offering efficient and effective service. It supports targeted inquiries to bolster decision making on specific projects, or serves as a key resource for ongoing people, process, and technology optimization. In either case, it gives you the means to drive actions that keep your leadership and your customers satisfied. Unfortunately, most centers simply don’t have the budgets for the big technology investments. And even if they buy the technology, they may not know what to do with it once they get it.

Having a skilled resource is key. Analytics/Business Intelligence isn’t just another reporting tool. You can’t get value from it by simply assigning someone to run a new set of reports. You need a professional who really understands your core business, really knows how contact centers operate, and really brings the skills and experience to work with the available technologies to mine the right data, forge the proper relationships between them, and create meaningful, actionable results. And you need the organizational will to identify and implement changes – to technology, front-line processes, support processes, metrics, training, staffing structures, etc.

I know what you’re thinking: “Sounds good, Lori. But we really don’t have the money/resources/time!” I hear you. And I have an answer…

A new breed of service providers has emerged to fill the analytics technology and resource gap. They can provide access to the technology and expertise – or just the expertise if you’ve already got the technology – to help you uncover the potential for quantum improvements in the customer experience, your cost structure, and/or your opportunities for revenue generation.

Action without insight is random activity. Insight without action is a waste of time, talent, and money. Let us help you get the insights and take the right actions!