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Build the Right KM Strategy

The concept of “Ready, Aim, Fire” applies as much to the challenge of KM as it does to hitting the bull’s eye with a bow-and-arrow or nailing a free throw in basketball. If you are serious about making a quantum improvement in your center’s knowledge management while spending resources wisely, you need to invest the… Read More »

Reimagining CRM

If you are stuck in a world in which customer relationship management (CRM) software can only play in the sales sandbox, it’s time to think outside the box. CRM vendors have paved a road to operational efficiency that helps contact centers serve their customers in excellence, across media, while delivering a more satisfying experience for their… Read More »

New Technology Supports Business Continuity and Recovery

Ever have a nagging feeling that your center is more vulnerable than you’d like to admit? Odds are, creating or updating that dreaded Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) plan has been on your to do list for some time. Good news: Cloud services, server virtualization, mobile computing, and social networks provide some new options to address… Read More »

Solutions for Knowledge Management

Most centers struggle with knowledge management (KM), and it’s not hard to understand why. There is a wide variety of information to structure, review, and manage – on products, processes, policies, current issues, etc. Many different players produce and distribute information without a mandate to coordinate their efforts with others. A lot of information is… Read More »

Share the Wealth of Knowledge in Your Contact Center

Knowledge is power. For contact center representatives, it’s the power to access the right information, the right resources, and/or the right processes to serve customer needs. For customers, it’s the power to get consistent information no matter which channels they use to retrieve it. There are many different forms of knowledge and job aids across… Read More »

Got Technology Testing?

Imagine that you’ve finally secured budget to add new functionality and technology to your contact center. You’ve labored through vendor evaluations and inked a deal. You go full speed ahead on implementation to start living in the “promised land” of your newly enriched applications environment. But wait… As you cutover to production, the new stuff… Read More »

Optimizing Technology Selection

Ever feel like Goose and Maverick from Top Gun: “I feel the need, the need for speed”? Impatience at senior levels, inability to invest that leaves you dangling with end of life or end of support products, and change taking place in “Internet Years” all combine to make speed the number one driver for many… Read More »

Improve Efficiency and Service with Desktop Optimization

Most contact center agent desktops are a messy, complicated, confusing morass. Agent heroics may lull management into a false sense that the desktop is manageable. IT won’t come to the rescue given the myriad of other projects on their “to do” list. And, of course, project funding is exceptionally tight. Yet the fact remains: transforming… Read More »