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IVR: Reviled or Well-Regarded?

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is probably the most reviled component in the contact center technology portfolio. We’ve all heard people say “I hate those automated machines… I just want to talk to a live person.” And yet IVR STILL PERFORMS A LOT OF USEFUL SERVICES that benefit callers and centers. For example:

They validate the customer before speaking to an agent through identification and verification. This reduces the number of questions reps have to ask to ensure they are speaking to the responsible parties, which ultimately reduces handle time and operating costs.

Through concise and well-designed menus, IVRs also help route callers to the right people, reducing transfers and misrouted calls.

IVRs provide self-service to customers where appropriate (e.g., order status, account balance, payment inquiry).

Love Hate Relationship with IVR

We polled the experts from around the industry to weigh in on IVR and related technologies – Automated Speech Recognition, Text-To-Speech, Mobile Apps and Visual Menus, Voice Biometrics, Assisted IVR, Dynamic IVR Scripting, Hosted Solutions, and VoiceXML. To catch their impressions and our commentary, download the full article now »