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Listen to the “Voice of the Employee”

Call center professionals spend a healthy chunk of their time pouring over the daily, weekly, and monthly stacks of management reports to discern what’s going right – or wrong – with their centers. Many overlook one of the most valuable sources of information – the “Voice of the Employee.”

contact center agentsThe call center front line has a grass roots understanding of how people, process, and technology come together (or not) in the center. They are in it up to their eyeballs all day long. And they’re in dialog with the folks who are crucial to your success – your customers. [And customers aren’t shy about sharing their impressions of your operation!]

Through formal or informal employee surveys, you’ll have access to a rich repository of operational insights and ideas on where improvements can be made. Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities? Your sales folks can share what they think will work. Do New Yorkers want different treatment than Californians? Your call center reps can name that tune.

For more information, download a short article on considerations and options for Voice of the Employee surveys. Find a method that works for you. Beyond getting some useful insights, you’ll show your employees that their opinions matter.