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Contact Center Expert Witness

As one of the industry’s leading authorities on contact center operations and technology, Strategic Contact President Lori Bocklund brings the right combination of skills, expertise, and practical, real-world experience to each contact center expert witness engagement. In patent infringement cases, she lends her expert opinions on patent validity and infringement. In liability cases, she evaluates contact center operations, processes, roles and responsibilities, and use of technology for both in-house and outsourced centers. Findings may be delivered in expert reports, rebuttal reports, depositions, and sworn testimony.

contact center expert witnessA number of factors combine to make Lori an ideal choice as a contact center expert witness:

EXPERTISE/EXPERENCE: Lori has over 28 years of experience in all aspects of contact center strategy, technology, and operations. As a consultant since 1993, she has worked on hundreds of projects across a wide variety of industries and contact center sizes and configurations. She is thoroughly versed on best practices and “common use” standards within the industry. Her length of service also confers a deep understanding of vendor and product history. Lori is the 2015 recipient of the International Customer Management Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS: Lori is renowned for her analytical mind and creative approach to problem solving. She is adept at grasping the legal issues surrounding each case and applying her industry expertise to the situation. Lori has a BS in Electrical Engineering from South Dakota State University and an MS in Electrical Engineering with a focus on communications systems from George Washington University.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Lori readily translates complex ideas into easily understood concepts. She has developed and delivered courses for a broad spectrum of audiences for over 20 years. These teaching skills enable the lawyers with whom she works to come up to speed quickly on relevant aspects of contact center operations and technology. It is also an invaluable asset in report writing, depositions, and trials.

WRITING SKILLS: Lori has extensive experience as a writer. She co-authored the book Call Center Technology Demystified. She has written over 100 articles and white papers as well as numerous expert reports and rebuttals.