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Credit Union Contact Center Benchmarking Survey

Strategic Contact conducted this benchmarking survey to help credit union contact centers improve their member service and respond to growing competition. This 94-page comprehensive report covers a wide range of topics:

  • Strategy – including challenges and priorities
  • Contact Handling – including the roles of the center and other departments
  • Support Functions – including quality and workforce planning
  • Training – new hires and ongoing
  • Technology – from core systems to contact center-specific technology
  • Metrics – actual and targets
  • And a variety of other areas such as home agents, hours of operation, and use of third party services

The survey also covers media channels and will show pertinent results by credit union size. Complete the form to get your free copy.



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About Our Sponsors

Adapt Telephony Services, LLC (Adapt) provides CU-specific Smart Applications that are pre-integrated to financial cores and designed to transform the member experience, eliminate fraud, and streamline member interactions. Adapt’s expertise, experience, and disciplined processes help credit unions achieve a superior member experience.

SilverCloud, Inc breaks down and re-architects bank and credit union policies, procedures, and product information for easy access via knowledge-based banking technology. SilverCloud’s Compass application gives front-line employees the ability to find, understand, and update the information they need to exceed customer and member expectations.

CenturionCARES delivers off-the-shelf or custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Predictive Dialer, Outbound Notification, Screen Pop, Quality Assurance Recording, and Multimedia Task Management Contact Center solutions. Their products integrate seamlessly into an existing infrastructure and deploy easily on premise or via the cloud.

TRUSTID determines the validity and usability of ANI (calling party phone number) for authentication. Automatic ANI validation allows phones to be used as “Ownership Factor” authentication tokens. The service is invisible to valid callers and criminals alike.

The National Credit Union Call Center Conference has convened credit unions from across the USA and Canada for the past 21 years. The conference speaks the credit unions’ language, shares the latest technology, and connects every union with the tools necessary to deliver exceptional services and meet member needs.

Contact Center Pipeline is a monthly journal focused on the needs and challenges of contact centers. Its advisory board, editors, and contributors understand what makes the call center the organization’s driving force for service delivery, aligning customer experience, and ensuring long-term business success.